Automatic Dog Feeder


Simplify feeding with our Automatic Dog Feeder. Set scheduled meals, portion control, and ensure your pet is fed on time, every time. Convenience and care in one device.

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Are you tired of constantly worrying about your pet’s feeding schedule? Looking for a convenient and reliable solution to ensure your furry friend receives their meals on time, every time? Look no further than our advanced 3.5L Automatic Pet Feeder. Packed with features that cater to both you and your pet’s needs, this smart food dispenser is a game-changer in pet care.

Customized Feeding Experience:

Gone are the days of rigid feeding schedules that don’t align with your pet’s preferences. Our automatic pet feeder brings flexibility to the table with its customizable meal portions. Offering a range of 1 to 20 portions per meal, each portion measures 5g, providing precision in portion control. With a generous container capacity of 3.5L, you can rest assured that your pet’s meals are always ready and waiting.

Voice Recording Reminders:

Imagine your pet’s delight when they hear your familiar voice calling them for their mealtime. Equipped with a voice recorder and speaker, our feeder allows you to record a personalized 12-second message. This ingenious feature ensures that your pet never misses a meal, even when you’re not around. Your pet will feel comforted by the sound of your voice, reducing their feelings of loneliness.

Regulate Meals with Accuracy:

Maintaining a consistent feeding routine is vital for your pet’s well-being. By setting the precise food volume for each meal, you’re not only providing nourishment but also cultivating healthy eating habits. The automatic feeder’s accurate meal portions encourage your pet to eat at regular intervals, helping them stay on a balanced diet.

Built-in IR Induction for Hassle-Free Feeding:

No more worries about food clogs or messy overflows. Our automatic pet feeder is equipped with a built-in infrared sensor that ensures seamless food dispensing. When the dry food in the bowl reaches a size exceeding 1 cm³, the feeder automatically halts the dispensing process, preventing any potential clogs or spills. This intelligent design guarantees a mess-free feeding experience for both you and your pet.

Dual Power Options for Uninterrupted Feeding:

Say goodbye to concerns about power outages or being away from home during mealtimes. Our feeder offers dual power options for uninterrupted service. You can power it using the included adapter, or choose to insert 3 type D batteries (not included). This means your feeder will continue working diligently, even in the absence of electrical power. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your pet’s feeding routine remains consistent regardless of the circumstances.

In conclusion, the 3.5L Automatic Pet Feeder is a revolutionary addition to any pet lover’s home. With its versatile features including customizable meal portions, voice recording reminders, accurate meal regulation, and intelligent IR induction, this feeder takes pet care to the next level. Invest in your pet’s well-being and your own peace of mind by bringing home this smart food dispenser. Say goodbye to feeding worries and hello to hassle-free, happy mealtimes for your beloved companion.


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