Dog Stairs for Small Dogs


Help your small dog reach higher places with our convenient Dog Stairs. Designed for ease and safety, these stairs are a must-have addition to your home.

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Dogs are not just companions; they’re cherished members of our families. As responsible dog owners, we strive to provide them with the best care possible, ensuring their comfort, safety, and mobility. That’s why we proudly present our Deeper& Wider Foam Dog Steps – a thoughtful solution designed to enhance the lives of your furry friends in every way.

🐾 Deeper& Wider Steps for Optimal Accessibility 🐾

We understand that pets, like humans, have their unique needs. Whether you have a young puppy, a short-legged dog, an injured companion with limited mobility, or an old dog needing some extra assistance, our Deeper& Wider Steps are tailor-made for them. Measuring at a perfect size of 23.6 inches in length, 15.7 inches in width, and 15 inches in height, these steps provide ample space for your pets to comfortably navigate. The added depth and breadth ensure that your pets can ascend and descend with ease, promoting their independence and reducing the strain on their joints.

🐕 High-Density Foam: Supportive Comfort 🐕

At the heart of our Deeper& Wider Foam Dog Steps lies our high-density foam, a material meticulously chosen to guarantee both sturdiness and comfort. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this foam offers unwavering stability, making it perfect for pets of all sizes. The high-density composition also effectively alleviates pressure on your pet’s delicate paws, ensuring a gentle and soothing experience every step of the way. Whether it’s a quick jump onto the bed or a leisurely descent, your pet will feel the difference.

🛡️ Safety First with Non-Slip Corduroy 🛡️

The safety and well-being of your pets are our top priorities. Our Deeper& Wider Steps come equipped with a cover made of premium corduroy, designed not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its non-slip properties. This thoughtful feature guarantees that your pets can confidently navigate the steps without the risk of slips or accidents. You can rest easy knowing that your companions are climbing secure and cozy steps, tailored to their specific needs..

📦 Vacuum Compression Packaging for Easy Transport 📦

We understand the challenges of transporting bulky items. That’s why our Deeper& Wider Foam Dog Steps are thoughtfully vacuum-compressed before reaching your doorstep. This innovative packaging solution not only reduces the carbon footprint but also ensures hassle-free delivery. Once unboxed, the foam quickly regains its original shape, thanks to its responsive material. Depending on the temperature, your Deeper& Wider Steps will be ready for your pets’ adventures within minutes to a maximum of 48 hours during winter.

🛠️ Effortless Assembly and Maintenance 🛠️

We recognize that life can be busy, so we’ve designed our Deeper& Wider Foam Dog Steps to be incredibly user-friendly. Assembling these steps is a breeze – simply follow the easy instructions, and your pets will be exploring their newfound heights in no time. Furthermore, the removable corduroy cover can be effortlessly machine-washed, making cleanup a cinch. The foam itself remains stable and resilient, resisting deformation even after prolonged use. A light vacuum is all it takes to maintain its pristine appearance.

🏡 Elevate Your Space with Style 🏡

Our Deeper& Wider Foam Dog Steps aren’t just a functional addition to your home; they’re also a stylish one. Designed to complement high beds and couches, these steps seamlessly blend into your living room, bedroom, or any personal space. The carefully chosen color palette ensures that these steps don’t just serve your pets’ needs but also enhance your interior aesthetics. With Deeper& Wider Steps, you can give your pets the support they deserve while maintaining the cohesive look of your indoor space.


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