Silent USB Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers


Effortlessly groom your pet with Silent USB Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers. Quiet operation and convenient USB charging ensure a stress-free grooming experience.

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2 Modes Easily Switchable

DOGCARE dog clippers for grooming, featuring Turbo/Quiet dual modes, make home grooming as easy as pie. Turbo mode effortlessly glides through the thickest coat. Quiet mode is more gentle and friendly for sensitive pets. Thanks to the intuitive design, you can easily switch between the two modes with one key.

Sharp and Safe Ceramic and Stainless Steel Blade

DOGCARE dog grooming clippers use fine ceramic and premium stainless steel blades, which will not make your pet feel pain due to pulling hair and give him/her the most comfortable skin grooming experience.

Sharp Safe Detachable Blades

DOGCARE dog grooming clippers use fine ceramic and premium stainless steel blades, offering first-in-class snag-free and harm-free grooming experience. You can replace and clean the blade with a push of your thumb to avoid blade aging and blockage.

Adjustable Cutting Lengths

With these dog grooming kits, you can use the adjustable taper wheel or the attachment combs to adjust the cutting lengths. No matter whether your pet’s coat is thick or thin, you’ll always find the best blade and comb for your pet.

Rechargeable Battery & LED Indicator

Different from other wired dog hair clippers with short battery life, DOGCARE dog grooming clippers’ cordless design and extensive runtime of 180 minutes can better meet the needs of grooming multiple pets at home at one time. DOGCARE Dog shaver clippers are also equipped with a LED light to indicate battery status—with green light means full battery and the red light means low battery.

Convenient Cordless Design

No need to consider whether there is a power plug nearby, and no need to be bothered with trimming pet hair at a specific location. The cordless design allows your pet to enjoy a happy grooming anytime, anywhere.


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